Momentum: Take two

Well. You know what they say about Rome not getting built in a day. That's the summation for yesterday. Failed promise one. Didn't get up before 8. In fact, woke up at quarter to 10 when Mom called to invite me for breakfast. Still, I held off on the post because I thought, I'll keep promise two, which was to work on the book for at least two hours. Also a big no. Still, let's accentuate the positive here. It's Sunday morning, it's currently 7:55 AM, I've walked the dog (We don't have a dog, but sometimes my parent's dog comes for a sleep-over. She gets to curl up in bed with us and go for walks so she likes us better - Sorry Dad!) and am keeping this post short so I can get to work. A lengthier, update post on today's progress later.

Goal of the morning

Write at least two good pages. I could spend two hours working on this book and do nothing more than research, and trust me when I say that researching things isn't my issue - I'm a hairs-breath from a MA in History (again, finishing the thesis proved the downfall... more on that in the future)


You have no idea how thrilled I was to see so many comments both here and on Facebook. Some retweets on Twitter would be sweet, and I say that only because I'm more of a twitter addict than a facebook addict. Regardless, seeing just about the whole Udle clan comment kinda hurt my heart - in a good way. Thanks. Miss you all. And to Kathy, who called yesterday to check in on my progress, thanks. :) If you call this morning you'll really find me hard at work.

With that said, I'm off to accomplish something - besides making coffee, which I also need to do ASAP. This is not a decaf morning.