In case you can't see the time stamp, I'm writing this at 2:06 AM in that netherworld between Friday and Saturday. Since my eyes seem to want to shut of their own accord, I thought I'd write just a quick little note in the hopes of preventing people from calling me at 8 AM to see if I'm up and writing. Because chances are, I'll still be sound asleep.

However, I'm going to bed on a good note. Since my last post I've written nearly two chapters. I'd call it two but me thinks come the morning I'll look at it and realize there's more to be said. I'm hoping to write more tomorrow, but have several places I'm committed to dropping in for a visit, so the next writing likely won't happen till sometime tomorrow evening. And in case you're wondering how many pages are a chapter and a bit, the answer is 15. So that means I've completely passed the goal for the weekend. I'll think of a new one tomorrow.

Now to go join the husband and cats, who have long gone to bed.

Oh, and the secret to writing is apparently keeping me fueled by guacamole.

G'night all.