Preparing for a week of writing

First of all, thanks so much for all the questions and advice that you guys sent to me. I really appreciated them all. When the book is done, you'll find some answers in there. And my next post will address some of them. I promise to post at least once before I go away. Which leads to the big news: there's just one week left till I head to the woods for two weekends with the whole week in between to make a big push towards "gettin' er done", as we say at work.

My last blog post resulted in lots of great offers of places to go, and each one of them would be perfect. In the end, my in-laws cabin has won out for three good reasons: it's within an hour of home so the hubby can come visit me; it has a spectacular view of a pond and I can already envision early mornings sitting at the table by the big kitchen window that overlooks the water, drinking my coffee and getting my head together; and finally, it has heat. And a woodstove. So I can get the best of both worlds. For those of you readers not familiar with Newfoundland, which is where I live, we just had a snowstorm two days ago and everything here is covered in ice and snow. Heat is important! Also, I must confess, it's not as secluded as my parent's cabin, so I know that if I get starved for company, there's bound to be a stray aunt or uncle in law nearby. And did I mention no internet? Which is ideal. Clearly not because I'd spend more time blogging than writing, but because I can escape both curses that plague me: the curse of wanting to research more; and the curse of checking my work email, even when I'm off. I bet this week is going to seem endless as I count off the days till I get away.

I would have dearly loved to go to my Nan's cabin. Honestly, that would have been the ideal place. It's where she read all her romances, it's where I used to read in the rocking chair across from her, and it's just one of the most beautiful places in the world. But it's five hours away, I haven't been there since she passed, and I would be there all alone. My fear is that I'd spend more time missing her than accomplishing anything at all. But maybe this summer the hubby will have time to come with me and we'll go for a visit.

Stay tuned for the promised post before the week is out.

Thanks everyone!