Half way there!

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you finally get in the zone. The writing zone is a place that is sometimes hard to find. The littlest things can keep you from finding it. A sleepy baby. A headache from too much sugar and fun at a child's birthday party. A growing sense of doom when you realize it's 6:30 pm and you haven't written one single word for the day.

I started pecking at the key board, getting a sentence here, and a sentence there. But it wasn't flowing out of me the way it has for the past little while. One of the problems was that I had reached that point when I was going to have to write a love scene. Those are always the most difficult for me. So I decided to skip over it and return later. I rocked Rowan to sleep, handed him over to his dad, and got busy. By 11:55 I had crossed the 24,000 word mark. Grand total written for the day - 3424. Not my best writing day, but still respectable. I went to bed content.

This morning I packed Rowan up and brought him down to my mom's. When I left he was happily playing, with an attention nan and great-aunt ready to cater to his every need. 

Now to put that time to good use. In an hour or so I should cross the 25,000 word marker. Half way there, and five days to make it. Still feeling like this is quite possible. 

It's a good day to write!