I had a baby!

Remember that time I started a blog and said this is the year I'm going to finish a novel? Yea. That was a great year for me. Because what I wasn't blogging about was that my priorities in life followed in this order:
1) Have a baby
2) Write a novel
3) Everything else

I wasn't blogging about having a baby because I'd been trying for five years and it still hadn't happened and to be honest, it was getting downright depressing. But then guess what happened about a month after I wrote that last post? My doctor said I'd finally been a good girl and had lost all the weight I was supposed to and that we could finally try fertility treatment. So our fall became all about trying to get pregnant! 

I'm thrilled to say that after just two months of treatment I was able to pee on a stick and see that ever elusive plus sign. And in August our little boy came out all perfect and happy and life has been a whole new experience ever since. 

So I didn't finish my novel last year. And I don't feel guilty about it because I accomplished something much bigger. But that's not to say I've given up. I'm hoping that as I get used to motherhood I can find some time to write. In fact, a few weeks ago while baby slept and daddy slept, I did manage to get in a few new paragraphs. It may take a little longer now, but on the plus side, next to being the best mommy I can be, writing a novel now moves up the list. 

Oh, and just so you know, I did try writing while pregnant, however everytime I sat down in front of the keyboard I kept wanting to make all the characters pregnant. And I hate novels where the characters are either forced into marriage because they're pregnant, or have sex for the first time and get pregnant. That wasn't the book I wanted to write. 

So when I do manage to find a moment, and some inspiration and sit myself down and do some writing, I'll blog about it and let you know. Now back to the baby...