Novel submitted!

Sorry I dropped off the blogosphere for a while. A nasty cold had my brain turned to mush so any writing time was devoted entirely to the novel.

If you don't know already, I did manage to get the 50,000 words in on time for the National Novel Writing Month event! See the pic! It was a hard slog that last day because I felt awful. Still, I did it. Then I put the book away and didn't look at it again until Thursday.

Today was the deadline to submit it to Avon so I spent my weekend editing, and today wrote the synopsis and query letter. The hardest part of the whole submission process was selecting the best scene (of a thousand words or less). Thanks to my friend Anne, hubby, and sister for helping narrow down the choices and helping me pick one.

Hitting submit submission was harder than I thought. All those doubts about if it's a good book, if Avon will want it, if... if.... if....

Finally, my husband brought the baby over and Rowan was the one who submitted mommy's novel. I took a picture which I'll post when I manage to pull it off the camera. '

So now I have an 8-12 week wait before I'll hear anything back. Lots of time to start brainstorming future books for the series that I pitched them based on this book. Not sure if I'll start writing anything until I hear back, but at least I'll start getting some ideas on paper just in case.

I also have to think about contingency plans if Avon rejects this. Things like, should I shop it around to other publishers or should I just go back to work on my regency and try and get that done. Now that I know I can finish if I put my mind to it, it seems a shame not to finish it.

Anyway, that's it. I celebrated with a lovely glass of 12 year old Macallan scotch. Because whether it gets published or not, I did something I didn't think possible. I wrote a novel in 11 days.