On the cusp of knowing

Forgot to mention this. Last week when I posted about the angst of waiting to hear for a reply, I also tweeted it. (You can follow me on twitter.... @vickibarbour). Anyhow, in my tweet I mentioned @Avonromance and lo and behold, their wonderful Director of Publicity Pam Jaffe replied to me. She said she'd see what she can find out. And sure enough, she did. As of last Monday (Feb. 11) they were reviewing submissions from December 1. Well, I submitted December 10. So I'm not sure how long it takes to get through them, but that's the latest. Now with week 10 drawing to a close I'm checking my email even more desperately. I've tried working on other books in the potential series, but my mind keeps wandering back to wondering. Let me tell you, folks, this waiting is excruciating stuff. I have a feeling in my gut that I'm going to hear something next week. Whether it's good news or bad remains to be seen, but it's certain to be in the next couple of weeks. All that waiting, and now I'm getting terrified to hear anything. What's with the human psyche? Anyhow, I suspect the next post will hold the answer.