Progress Report!

It's official. I suck at blogging. Maybe I should have taken the advice I got at the Romance Writer's of America conference to heart and just scrapped my blog. But I just can't do it. I love my little blog. And why haven't I been blogging? Because, dear friends, I've been writing like a fiend. Since my last post, I've written Book 2 of the Heart's Ease series, and I've written Book 3. I'm currently working on Book 4. 

My plan is to launch all three of them at once, so I've been in a bit of tizzy working on those goals. August was a bit of a rough month. I was settling in to the routine of being a working from home Mom, and the wee babe just wasn't happy with Mama spending time at the computer when she should have been playing in the grass with him. But since then I've gotten super lucky. A friend takes him two days a week, sometimes three, and now his Nanny also takes him for a while each week. Plus, I have another baby-mama pal that I sometimes do some baby-sharing with. That's when she takes mine for a couple of hours, and I take hers for a couple. That's fun, let me tell ya. It made me realize that I am not meant to be a childcare provider.  

The time both boys sat on me and pinned me to the floor was an indication that I shouldn't be left alone with two one-year-old's for any length of time.  

So when we look at my progress since my last post, here's the outcome: 

Productivity B+ 

Blogging F

Motherhood A+ 

Baby-sharing B-