Passionate Kisses: Wendy Ely

One day until release day. And I'm thrilled to have the mastermind of the Passionate Kisses Boxed Set here today. Wendy Ely is the fabulous author who came up with the idea for a box set of contemporary romances by indie authors, and she's the one who hand picked each of us to be part of this journey with her. I'm so glad I made the cut! And now, let's see what makes the visual cut for Wendy when she's working. 

Book? Confessions

Inspiration? True love never fades.

Jordan? Will do anything for the woman he loves. 

Chelsea? Trying to live in the present... instead of the past. 

Secrets? Everyone has one... especially in the small town of Wilson, Arizona. 

Romance? Irresistibly hot as the desert summer. 

Next? Midnight Secrets, Desert Secrets Series book 2 

Wendy? Hating the Arizona summer while working on book 3. 

Click on Wendy's glasses to learn more. 

Click on Wendy's glasses to learn more.