I'm going on tour—a Blog tour!

You know how in the movies about a writer they go on a whirlwind tour, hitting up lots of cities and visiting bookstores across the continent? Yea, well, that's not quite the life of a self-published author with an ebook. :) These days authors, whether they are traditionally published or have gone the independent route like me, tend to do what's known as a blog tour. 

Here's how it works. Other authors, reviewers, or people generally interested in reading that have a blog of their own host the author. Sometimes they interview them, other times they might invite the author to guest post, and sometimes they'll just review the book. Over the next month or so I'm lucky enough to have some great bloggers doing just that for me.  

The tour kicks off tomorrow when I'm interviewed by historical romance author Kate Robbins! I can't wait to see it, and I can't wait for you to check it out. Don't worry, I'll post a link for you.  

Let the tour begin!