Cover reveal for Against Her Rules


I received a lot of really fantastic feedback from a lot of you when I asked you to help me choose my cover. In a democracy the cover with the highest number of votes would win. I guess I'm more of a despot, since I choose to incorporate the feedback from some of you that suggested I keep the title large, but change up the bottom image to be bolder, and thus more eye catching. After having my wonderful designer pal Crystal McLelland make that change, we both thought the result was fantastic. And so I present to you the official cover of Against Her Rules.

In other book news, I'm hoping to receive what I hope is the final edit from my good friend and editor Anne Cummings in the next day or so, and once I make her suggested edits, it should only be a matter of uploading the book and it will be ready for your reading pleasure... at least I hope pleasure it what you get from it! It would be terrible if it gave you reading hives or something! 

In the next week or so I plan on blogging a bit more to share with you the publishing journey of Against Her Rules, and I'm hoping by early to mid-June to have the great joy of telling you how you can read this little contemporary romance of mine. Who knew when I set myself to the challenge of writing a novel in 11 days that this would be the end result? Exciting times ahead! 

PS: Can anyone tell me where the photo from the bottom of the cover came from? Here's a hint: I took it.