Recommended Romance Reads: April Edition

In my last post I promised to point you towards some great romances to get you started. That led to the idea that each month I should post a few of my favourite romances. And I hope you'll comment and share any suggestions you might have. I'm always looking for a new read.

I also discovered today when thinking about which books I should recommend (I'm going to keep it to two a month) that most of my reading is in the sub-genre of Regency Romance. Big surprise, hey? But I'm going to do my best to branch out and check out some other sub-genres and share those as well. I've also linked to the author websites, in case you want to check them out. I hope you enjoy!

Julia Quinn - What Happens in London


This was the regency that really made me want to try my hand at writing it. I read this book out loud to my hubby, and he enjoyed it as much as I did. It's funny. And I love a good romance that makes me laugh. Keep an eye out for a scene that involves a dramatic reading that had us in tears from laughing. You know it's a good book when several years later, you still remember a particular scene.  Please check out this link, because there's a great book trailer that goes with this one. 

Suzanne Enoch - Rules of an Engagement


Like Julia Quinn's books, it's hard to choose just one of Suzanne Enoch's to recommend. But this novel takes place at sea, and for a romance novel, has some very eye-opening revelations about the nature of colonialism. The historian in me really enjoyed this book. And who doesn't love a dashing sea captain? Also, this is one of my favourite covers ever; yellow isn't used enough, in my opinion.