Passionate Kisses: Sydney Holmes

Ugh. I hate it when the world conspires to set you back a bit. My apologies to the wonderful Sydney Holmes, who I know has been looking forward to seeing her post live in the world today. Better late than never, right? So without further mumble, let's get busy and check out some of the awesome images Sydney shared with me when talking about her contribution to the Passionate Kisses boxed set. (4 DAYS AWAY!!!)

Book?  Awakening

Inspiration? Two people so entwined nothing else matters

Ryan? Dark, handsome, mysterious

Nora? Standing on a precipice

Boundaries? Searching

Romance? Laughing, loving, tender with enough sparks to feed an inferno

Next? Awake

Sydney? There is nothing better than that first jolt of adrenaline one gets when soul mates touch for the first time. 

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