Is it a bad thing to tell your boss that on your list of priorities in life, this is the lay of the land?
1. Starting a family
2. Writing novels
3. Doing my job

I honestly don't know. But I figure there are times to fudge the truth, and times to be honest, and that moment just seemed like the right time to set it straight. That doesn't mean that when I'm at work, I'm not committed. I am. It's one of the reasons it's so hard to write in the evening. I'm too busy checking emails, thinking about my projects, reading up on how to do my job better. But when it comes down to it, my job is just my job. It doesn't define who I am.

I'm trying hard not to let the things I want define who I am either. After all, I'm not yet a mother, nor a novelist. But that doesn't keep me from trying to become both. So new rule. I'm going to try harder when I'm home in the evening to think like a novelist, and less like a marketer.

Let's see how it goes.