A long weekend on the horizon...

Do we want to take bets about whether I'll manage to get a sentence, let alone a paragraph written over the Victoria Day weekend?

Let's see. Saturday morning I might get some writing done. Unless I drink too much wine while celebrating my sister's 30th birthday at a fancy downtown restaurant.

The rest of Saturday will likely be a write off. I'm heading to my parent's cabin for the night, and I have a feeling my darling 2 year old nephew will not stand for Auntie hiding away and trying to write.

Sunday. Gone again. Off to the hubby's parents cabin for a 40th wedding anniversary party.

If we can manage to get up and on the road Monday morning, then there's a slight chance that I can manage to hunker down at home and write.

Now you might wonder why I'm not taking this nice long weekend to write. Where's the dedication? Unfortunately, the May 24th weekend has never been one where relaxation is on the agenda. Between birthdays and cabin trips, and the unofficial start to a good Newfoundland summer -never mind that quite often this weekend late in May is peppered with snow-well, there are things that must be done. And writing doesn't seem to be one of them.

Happy long weekend to everyone in Canada. And happy regular oh-so-short weekend to everyone else.