Almost 10,00 words in 3 days

I have to say I'm impressed that I managed a decent word count at all yesterday. The experiment of trying to write with a baby in the house did not go that well. When Reg got home yesterday I had a grant total of 0 new words. Yet between 5 pm and 12:30 am I managed to get the count up to 9261. My goal had been to get to 10,000. But some words are better than none.

Right now the 4th bar shows my total day 3 progress.
I don't have an update image for yesterday because I updated the word count after midnight, not knowing that the webpage resets itself. Instead, today I'll show you a bar graph of where I should be had I started this project on Nov. 1, and where I am. As you can see, I'm lagging. But right now Rowan is sleeping, and should stay that way till around 10:30, in which case I have to go to physio anyway. Hoping to get some words down in the next hour. Tomorrow Reg is taking baby on some Daddy bonding excursions (i.e. Shopping and visiting, I'd imagine) and I'll get one full day in.

So far I haven't exceeded 5000 words a day and I really need to be if I'm going to get this done. I also realized that when I started I had 11 days, not 10. So I'm still pretty optimistic.

Anyway, enough blogging. Time to write! And eat a scone. I'm starved!