Day 4 tally - 13,046 words

Reg and Rowan are about to leave for the day, I have a strong cup of espresso brewing in the mocha pot, and I'm ready to rock the word count for today.

Yesterday was pretty good. See the stats. Almost got to 5000. Rowan was awesome. He snuggled next to me and napped for the greater part of the afternoon. Yesterday evening daddy and son went out for a couple of hours so i could keep writing. It was a great help and i ended up writing my favourite scene to date.

Today will be the only full day of writing uninterrupted I'll get. Tomorrow I have to pause for a very important birthday party - Batman turns 4! Or at least his alter-ego, Ethan, turns 4. :) On Thursday my mother-in-law is going to take Rowan for the day, so that will be the last push I need before the Friday at midnight deadline.

So enough blogging. Time to write.